Luxury Massages with our premium therapist.

Indulge yourself with a  massage by our premium therapist from this generous selection:



The Signature Jade Rituals


Warm Neck Wrap


Morning Refreshment, Harmonious Afternoon, Evening Glory.

This Welcome Treatment is a scented journey to well-being. Its fruity freshness enchants the senses. This ritual increases the blood circulation in the neck region. That means that the oxygen supply to this area is improved right away. Increase the power of concentration. You can induce different moods via the limbic system by chosen scent mix.



The Signature Jade Massage:


Aromatherapy Massage



Stimulate your senses to boost your body and motivate the mind.   Choose one of unique oil blends and unwind, as our expert therapist delivers a head to toe massage, applying pressure in all the right places.


The Traditional Jade Massages


Intensive Muscle Release


Sometimes all you need is a healing touch. Let trained hands and perfect strokes usher tension and stress away with a massage that instantly relives pain and tension.


The Jade Body Treatments


Summer Coco Feeling


Douse your body with a sweet coconut scent, cooling and refreshing oil that provides deep and intense hydration, while restoring the skins elasticity.





Lypomassage tones lifts and firms sagging tissue by reenergising your lymphatic fluids. Detoxifies the entire body, reduce the swelling, stimulates the immune system and reduces the appearance of cellulite.


Trio X 7



Supplement the benefits of your Trio iShape™  body sculpting session with a Trio iShape™ Programme to realize the full potential of this revolutionary state of the art system combined with Lymaphage massages and achieve dramatic results in fat reduction and cellulite elimination.


3D Lipo


Reduce fat and become slimmer in the areas of your body you want to change with the highly popular 3D Lipo – Fat reduction, skin tightening and anti cellulite system. With the combination of our 3D Lipo treatments and one or two Cryotherapy  (fat freezing) sessions you can expect dramatic results without going under knife.

Best in the world for non- invasive fat reduction technologies.







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